About Us

Diverse Crawley

DIVERSE Crawley began in Summer 2017, launched as part of Crawley’s 70th anniversary, to share and showcase the rich diversity of our town.

DIVERSECrawley aims are to:

  • Promote community cohesion
  • Organise, host and promote events to celebrate the rich culture of our diverse community
  • Encourage communities across Crawley to participate
  • Offer opportunities to volunteers to participate in and develop skills
  • Encourage partnership organisations to get involved
  • Fundraise for the programme of activities

For Contact us:  Ashwin Soni Mobile No 07833252551

Marilyn Lefeuvre Mobile No 07709821741


Cultural Kitchen Recipes

Cullen Skink (Scotland) Smoked Haddock Soup

Spicy Parsnip Soup ( England)

Nhopi Recipe ( Zimbavwe)

Valerijus Vilcinskas - Lithuania